About us

Rocket Fund was envisioned by long-term cryptocurrency investors who specifically focus on masternodes. After experiencing the frustration and disappointment of many masternode projects, our team knew that this space had a problem: steady growth was elusive. Rocket Fund takes a different approach, which solves many of the current problems that investors see. A portion of all rewards are allocated to a reserve fund, enabling Rocket Fund to avoid the problems of inflation and insufficient budget that so often hamper the growth and future of masternode projects. Instead, our reserve fund provides steady support for future growth. The fund will be trackable and fully open to the public, with a daily live feed on the company website.


Fund Breakdown

Rocket Fund Blockchain was specifically designed to allocate 10% of all rewards to a development fund. These reserves provide stability and support for future growth in the project. By breaking down the reserves into four main categories, the team can properly budget for the future development and advancements of Rocket Fund. In addition, this strategic reserve enables Rocket Fund to list on multiple exchanges, increasing project liquidity and funding strong marketing to fuel demand.

Reserve Funds
Ad Marketing
Next Exchange



The Buy Back program is intended to act as insurance for investors. Fifty percent of the Rocket Fund Reserves will go into BTC and be set aside to buy back RKT coins on the market. As and when necessary, this process will be done strategically to maintain the consistent growth of RKT. It secures Rocket Fund’s future.


While the reserve fund is a safety net, it is not a growth strategy. Rocket Fund has all the necessary tools and masternode expertise in place to sustain itself without the reserve fund. The fund is, however, a powerful just-in-case stabilization tool that can be deployed quickly if needed. Its existence and strategic purpose clearly differentiate Rocket Fund from other projects in the space.



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